Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Power Con customs

The two customs I brought with me to Power Con for the Custom Figures panel were my Ram Man V2 and my Robobot (Ralph McQuarrie concept)

Hunter Kight recorded the panel if you want to watch it here:

My first reveal is based on the concept robot Ralph McQuarrie did for the Master of the Universe movie! Imagine a Ralph McQuarrie  / Master of the Universe Robot...my two favorite worlds collide!!!

Since they could not make some of the cartoon characters Ralph McQuarrie's idea was to have a little robot like an R2-D2 type character. The idea was not used but once I saw him...and loving robots...I needed him!  He is an orginal 3D sculpt that has been outputted and painted by me. He is about 4.5" tall and is fully poseable.

First, I'll show you pictures of the final figure

 This is where the idea came from
Here are my designs and plans for the actual figure

 Here is the 3D model and some renderings I did

The other figure I showed was my Ram Man V2 custom. It's my own take on the classic character, but in my version he's more of an Avengers Hulk than a short stocky guy. You guys saw the first version, right?

I love the different scale of figures

Once I saw the Marvel Select Avengers Hulk all I could think was Ram Man!
I was very influenced by Emiliano Santalucia's drawing

I made him mainly out of Magic Sculpt