Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hover Disc Update 2

The Hover Disc came out awesome!!!
I'll try to make some casts and post some pics of the final painted version.

Some of the guys are still trying to learn how to ride it.
Take a look at the pics.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hover Disc

I wanted to show you a sneak peek at my first fan project of 2013, it's a Hover Disc!

I have always been fascinated with hovering vehicles, hence the Manta Raider. So for my next fan project I wanted to make something similar in concept but simpler and less complicated. Something that would be more of a stand issue weapon and less of big vehicle, I came up with this Hover Disc. It is about 3" wide and can fit most 6 - 7" figures.

Below is the 3D sculpt and a rendering. It still needs some tweaks and then it will be outputted. I have some projects to finish first, but then this is next on my work bench!

My buddy Xavier Marrero helped me with the Lion-O!

What do you think?