Monday, July 30, 2012

Manta Raider - Will be available to the fans!!!

San Diego Comic Con was awesome!
At the Power Party I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to Rudy Obrero face to face. Did you know Rudy is doing the box art for MOTUC Granamyr!

At the party Rudy told me that he wants to make the Manta Raider available to the fans!!! I need to figure out the logistics and price but it will be a very very limited run, definitely under 100 pieces. These are hand made.

We talked about having it in some type of packaging so we can use Rudy's awesome painting!

The plan right now is to have it ready for Power Con in September. Rudy will have a table there with some prints for sale. Best of all you can have all the items signed by Rudy!

I wanted to clarify, the Manta Raider is not associated with Masters of the Universe or Mattel. It is Rudy Obrero's original design and it's a limited edition hand made piece of art and not a toy. In fact Rudy is revising the painting and I am revising the sculpt now to make sure we don't infringe on Mattel at all.

I should have some updated images tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. OMG !!!!! i want one !!! i 'm not sure i could make it to the power con !! need to send someone there for me !! hahaha !

  2. is there a way to order it online ? and it will be possible to use it with the motuc figures ?

  3. I really want one too - I thought so when you first posted pics of this a while ago. I think it's a great collaboration!! I'm sad we didn't meet at the SDCC party. But I will be at Power Con.

    Have you thought about doing a Pre-Order so you can avoid the insanity and bickering that might result from such a highly desired item maybe selling out in two minutes on the floor? That might be really cool :)

    See you in September!
    -Brian / bcrduke

  4. Thanks everyone!
    I posted this over at Pixel Dans...

    All of these are all hand crafted, not manufactured, so I can only make so much. This is by far the most complex project I have ever done! The plan is to have it available for Power Con at Rudy Obrero's booth. It's not a Power Con exclusive, that's just where we will have it first. We do plan on offering it again online. We are going to limit them to one per person, since we only have very few. I am thinking about per-ordering them, just so we can avoid the craziness at the con. It's just difficult to organize, but I'm looking into it. The response has been really awesome, Rudy and I could not be happier!

    BTW...the second run of Hammers will go out first though...But Dan and I are cooking up something keep your eyes open ;)

  5. Hi

    I was interested in preordering one of the Manta riders, who would I contact to do so?
    I personally cant go to powercon but a friend has said he was going an didnt want one said that he would pick one up for me. Please just let me know in a reply here. I will watch for a reply with ordering info.

    [ profile name]