Friday, March 23, 2012

The hammer is progressing! Check out the 3D model of the hammer. I think it is almost perfect! So now I gotta figure out how I will output it. I have two options that I can do in order to be able to offer them to you guys.

One, I can have it rapid prototyped and have one perfect sample. Then from there I can make a silicone mold to make copies. I guess I can make like 20 copies and sell them on e-Bay? This way is more expensive up front, but I know the result will be great. And they can all be cast in various colors and or painted. I'd have to make at least 20 and sell them at $20.00 to cover the costs. The more we order the cheaper it is. 40 and it's $10.00 per hammer and so on.

Two,  was thinking about trying out. I upload the 3D file and anyone can order one, they are made to order by Shapeways. By the way if you order anything from there make sure you use the material "Frosted Detail & Ultra Detail" the cheaper materials all come very rough and need a lot of work. But if you order them you will have to paint them. I guess I could order a couple for me so I can paint them and offer painted versions? This version is cheaper up front but I have no idea how it will work out? But it does seem easier and it may be cheaper for you as well. And it does give you a lot of options in materials and such.

UPDATE: I did some calculations, based on Shapeways material price structure and it is not cheap! It is actually cheaper for me to rapid prototype it and them make a silicone mold. So that's what I am going to do. For small stuff it is okay, but this hammer is big over 4" tall and it is cheaper the traditional way. Maybe in the future if I made a gun or a small accessory that would be the way to go.

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