Monday, March 5, 2012

In my life I have been very blessed to work with some very talented people, many of them my heroes.These past few years I have been extremely lucky!!! I got to work on some Star Wars toys and even met George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch...I finally got to work with the Four Horsemen on various projects...and now the great Rudy Obrero!

For those who don't know, Rudy was one of the original painters of the Master of the Universe packaging art form the vintage line! More recently he did the artwork on the 2011 Wind Raider for the Master of the Universe Classics line.

It was really the packaging art that pulled me into the He-Man universe.  I used to stare at the art work and pretend with my toys in hand to live in that world...let's be honest...I still do...I based my Castle Grayskull sculpt off his original painting!

So you can only imagine how excited I was when Rudy and I started talking about working on a fun project together! He is also a big He-Man fan so we bonded instantly, Especially because, like me, he also makes He-Man art for himself for fun. He sent me one of his personal paintings. It was a He-Man type character on what he called a Manta Raider. I fell in love and quickly responded to him: "I can make that for you" (I have another story like this with Gerard Butler from the motion picture 300, but that is for another time.)

Back to the off we went...for the next months, on our spare time, we went back and fourth. First working out the design since he only had the one view. I made turn around drawings for him to approve and he tweaked them and sent them back to me. Rudy's comments are in red...

 Then I started sculpting...made the model in 3D and when Rudy approved I out-putted it.

Next I painted it based on his original painting and here we are...our figures now have a Manta Raider to ride on!!!

Thanks again to sure to check out his website and look for him on Facebook!

Rudy Obrero Illustrations, Inc.



  1. Dude that is just a freaking amazing story!!
    Great work from both of you! Rudy's paintings are also 90% responsible for my love of MotU and Fantasy in general!

    Andrew Cramer

  2. Thank you!!!
    I'm sorry it is not for sale.

    1. That's a shame, it's beautiful! If ever you do decide to fund a something like that via Kickstarter or sell them, do let us know. (Plus the packaging art's already done!)

  3. soooo cooooollll !!! i wish you could make that vehicule develop by mattel for all the fans to have it !!

  4. Wow Joe, this is a truly wonderful piece, and its creation's tale is far more inspiring.
    It's really great that the MOTU franchise is still loved by one of its biggest contributor at the time.