Thursday, March 15, 2012

I have a new holy grail...a new quest!

When I was a kid I used to paint metal miniatures. I never really got into the whole Dungeons and Dragons thing...but I loved the miniatures! My dad and I would cast little metal soldiers and I would paint them. He even helped me build a smaller scale Castle Grayskull for all my miniatures. Some of my favorites were my ElfQuest miniatures, which I found again couple months back.

But the other day, thanks to, I found out Grenadier made Master of the Universe miniatures!!! Now the quest begins to find these...


  1. As a kid, I remember seeing these on clearance at KB Toys and thinking how badly sculpted they were.

    Now, I've been looking for them for years and have yet to find more than a few loose pieces.

  2. Is that a unicorn that Teela or Goddess is riding? Was that from the mini-comics?

  3. See my set at
    Use a translator!

    Best wishes

  4. I didn"t even know they existed until recently! Nuno I am SO jealous...I am still looking...